Uwatec smarttrak manual

Uwatec smarttrak manual

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Track your dive data like never before with customizable options tailored to your body and dive style. > >I downloaded and installed the current version 1. Page 1 Operating Manual PRIME ® ® ® SWISS MADE BY UWATEC AG. Infrared interfaces are available in PC stores. Aladin TEC/PRIME only. This handy accessory provides an infrared connectivity solution for PCs that are not equipped with built-in devices to allow you to transfer information from your SCUBAPRO or UWATEC computer using SmartTRAK/LogTRAK software.

Make uwatec smarttrak manual sure that you always use back-up instrumentation inclu- ding a depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge, digital bottom timer or dive watch, and have access to decompression tables whenever diving with a dive computer. Introduzione SmartTRAK è un sofisticato strumento per la gestione dei dati delle tue immersioni. Comes with attachable compass, manual, computer software, and tags.

Connecting a (G2 or any other computer) to Logtrak (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows 7, Windows 8) Android; iOS; MAC; WINDOWS 7 (and. For sale is my SCUBAPRO UWATEC Smart TEC dive computer with air integration transmitter. One thing to note if you seem to have problems with the unit: if the red light on the IR head is "solid-on" and not blinking, the unit has frozen and needs to be unplugged and re-plugged. You are now the owner of an extraordinary partner for your dives.

See full list on scubapro. This manual provides you easy access to UWATEC state of the art technology and Galileo’s key features and functions. What is a smarttrak tool? See more results. SmartTRAK Manual; DRIVERS. With the optional (SKU: UTCSMID) SmartTRAK Infrared Devise you can download your logged dives and also download pictures with 100 bitmap images as a wreck map the diver can use to orient themselves. 0323 of SmartTrak. Listing of Product Manuals and Product Flyers.

Computer has 4-modes of air, nitrox, gauge, & free dive. To make this manual easier to read we will use the term &39;TEC&39; as an abbreviation for &39;UWATEC Smart TEC diving computer&39; throughout this booklet. The software indicates the level of nitrogen saturation of the 8 body tissues that Smart monitors. Computer has four modes of air, nitrox, gauge and free dive. Page 5: Quick Reference / Operating Scheme.

· The starting MB-level (Microbubble level) - Uwatec&39;s diver settable fudge factor. The Uwatec Smart Tec Wrist Computer can monitor 3 nitrox mixes that can be defined before the dive. With the optional (SKU: UTCSMID) SmartTRAK Infrared Devise you can download your logged dives and download pictures with a 100 bitmap images as a wreck map the diver can use to orient themselves. Further information on Uwatec Smart dive computers and other products by UWATEC can be found on our web page at www. SCUBAPRO Manuals Air 2 Read First - English - Čeština - 中文 - Deutsch - Español - Français - Italiano - 日本語 - Magyar - Nederlands - Polski - Português - Română - Pусский - Svenska. The Uwatec Galileo Luna Computer comes w/a comprehensive owner&39;s manual.

To make this manual easier to read we will use the term &39;Smart&39; for &39;Uwatec Smart dive computers&39; through- out the booklet. more US post with insurance. However, these two great upgrades are available as optional purchases at your authorized SCUBAPRO UWATEC dealer, and can be added quickly via our dedicated section. I have no idea what this value actually means, however it corresponds with the Battery field in smarttrak. SmartTRAK is a powerful database that allows divers to store and retrieve other useful information such as details about the dive location, conditions, weather and buddy details. For air integrated dive computers (Smart Com, Smart Z, Smart TEC and Galileo SOL) the air consumption screen is also displayed.

Aladin® has a data memory which stores the dive data. While the manuals (and all manuals from Uwatec, for that matter) could use a serious rewrite, the product performs flawlessly. SmartTRAK is an invaluable tool for divers to analyse their behavior and further improve their diving technique. The GALILEO LUNA has everything you need in a single-gas wrist-mount dive computer to maximize your underwater experience. Met SmartTRAK kunt u: • Op uw pc een duiklogboek bijhouden met gedetailleerde informatie over uw duiken. Shipping for online purchases is available within the continental US, Alaska and Hawaii. Deep Down You Want the Best. Should you wish to know more about SCUBAPRO UWATEC diving equipment, please visit our website www.

What is smarttrak sol? Within the European Community the use of Nitrox mixes is regulated by norms EN 13949 and EN 144-3. The SCUBAPRO dive computer is unmatched in modern dive uwatec smarttrak manual computing. A list of recommended interfaces is available on the UWATEC homepage (www. Shop the Full SCUBAPRO® Catalog Online Today!

Find your Uwatec product for free uwatec smarttrak manual and view the manual or ask other product owners your question. >SmartTrak tries to read the computer, says, "No device" and then "Not connected with Uwatec dive computer" > >I have removed and reinstalled both the driver and the Smarttrak program. 4 UWATEC® SmartTRAK 1. SCUBAPRO invests in the most innovative engineering, manufacturing, and equipment testing in the industry at our state-of-the-art facility in Switzerland. Uwatec Aladin Tec. Further information on UWATEC Smart dive computers and other products by UWATEC can be found on our web page at www.

The complete dive profile is displayed, as are any attention messages or alarms. The Uwatec Smart Tec Wrist Computer is a fully integrated nitrox computer up to 100% O2. On this site you will be able to enter the information that we need in order to process your request and provide you with a file tailored specifically to your Galileo. Inleiding SmartTRAK is een geavanceerd hulpmiddel voor het opslaan en bewerken van informatie over uw duiken. It doesn&39;t matter if you&39;re looking for a simple backup dive computer or for a multi-gas, air integrated system that monitors your heart rate and breathing to give you a complete picture of your dive. An ideal dive computer for diving schools and rental stations, the compact, single mode Aladin One is simple to use, easy to understand, and delivers reliable dive data for enjoyable recreational diving. Predictive Multi-Gas upgrade : Purchasing the PMG feature allows uwatec the GALILEO LUNA to use up to three nitrox mixes (21-100% O2) during the dive, calculating the ascent schedule for. LogTRAK for Android allows you to download and analyze your dive profile data on Android-based mobile devices equipped with a USB port or inbuild Bluetooth Low Energy.

With a sampling rate for SmartTRAK of 4 seconds, this program allows divers to analyse their dives with amazing detail. With the optional (SKU: UTCSMID) SmartTRAK Infrared Device you can download your logged dives & download pictures w/a 100 bitmap images as a wreck map the diver can use to orient themselves. SCUBAPRO LogTRAK for Android is the mobile dive logbook for mobile devices. > >The driver and IR hardware show to be installed and operating correctly. Welcome to UWATEC dive computers and thank you for purchasing Galileo. SmartTRAK is an advanced tool for keeping track of your dives.

Huge Selection of Scuba Gear: Regulators, Dive Computers, BCDs, Fins, Dive Wear, Snorkels, Masks, and more! NEW: • Configure your Galileo HUD computer settings easily and quickly wirelessly • Upload pictures to your G2 - sketches of dive briefing, maps of. SCUBAPRO Cradle USB -- Mac; SCUBAPRO Cradle USB -- Windows; OTHER. 4 I UWATEC ® Aladin GAUGE 1 System description Aladin® displays all important dive data. • See how the relative gas saturation varies in different tissues during the dive. Page 5: Quick Reference / Operating Scheme 3 minutes without operation. The data can be transmitted with an infrared inter-face (IrDA) and SmartTRAK software to a Windows® personal instrument. Thank you for purchasing an upgrade for your UWATEC GALILEO dive computer.

Uwatec SmartTRAK. With hard case, soft bag, screen protector, quick reference card, manual and smartTRAK software, it is used but in very good condition works flawlessly and a very easy to use dive computer, 81% battery. ® The SmartTRAK software CD is included with the Aladin ® Package. 16 bit big endian word. Aladin ® PRIME Aladin ®. • Veranderingen in diepte, temperatuur en inspanningsniveau gedurende uw duik bekijken. To convert the value to. This item does not come with the transmitter.

; Page 2: I Safety Considerations • Always dive with back-up instruments. • See the depth, temperature and workload variations of your dive. Utilizzando SmartTRAK è possibile: • Creare e gestire un logbook sul tuo computer, nel quale registrare le informazioni più impor-tanti delle tue immersioni. SCUBAPRO has designed special regulator systems that comply with the these regulations and can be used with oxygen enriched air containing an oxygen concentration higher than 21% and up to 100% at a maximum operating pressure of 200bar.

Operation On page 6 you will find an operating schematic. The Uwatec Sol Computer comes with a comprehensive owner&39;s manual. The Uwatec Galileo Luna Computer comes with a comprehensive Owner&39;s Manual. Can be 0 to 5 representing L0 - L5. (IrDA) and the SmartTRAK software to a Windows personal computer.

This powerful computer handles nitrox mixes up to 100% O2, offers hoseless air-integration, and its algorithm calculates true remaining bottom time (RBT). With SmartTRAK you can: • Keep a dive log at your computer containing information about your dives. IMPORTANT: THIS UNIT DOES NOT COME WITH TRANSMITTER. The computer has four modes of air, nitrox, gauge, and free dive.

What is SmartTrack software? IrDA Drivers (Windows) IrDA Driver -- Windows 8 -> Windows 10 Irda (IR778) 32 bit; 64 uwatec smarttrak manual bit; IrDA Windows 10 - PDF.

Uwatec smarttrak manual

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